2019 Sponsored Walk

2019 Sponsored Walk

The first event this year will be the Sponsored Walk when staff will walk around the grounds of Penicuik Estate on Saturday 6th April.

It is located to the south west of Edinburgh, beside the Pentland Hills. The estate has a rich history, it has belonged to the Clerk family since 1654 and the impressive house was built in the 1760s by Sir James Clerk (3rd Baronet of Penicuik) and John Baxter the Elder. Sadly the house was almost completely destroyed by a fire in 1899 with only the exterior walls remaining, but the Penicuik House Preservation Trust has been working to restore the building and open the grounds to the public since 1985. Today, members of the Clerk family still live on the grounds and the Penicuik Estate makes its business from forestry, farm tenants, conservation projects and of course, public recreation.

Our Walkers are looking forward to the challenge of walking 11 kilometres around these historical grounds. The dogs will be excited too!

The money raised from the Sponsored Walk will go towards sup-porting the Society’s Neutering Scheme. We provide a service to help dog owners on benefits or a low income to neuter their dogs. The Society helps hundreds of owners do this each year which means the number of potentially unwanted dogs in rescue centres across Scotland is reduced.

If you would like to sponsor the Staff you can either donate by sending a cheque made payable to Dog Aid Society of Scotland to our office at 60 Blackford Avenue, Edinburgh, EH9 3ER or you can call the office on 0131 668 3633 and we can take payment over the phone.

Thank you for supporting the Society!